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The Jewish Experience: Pogrom

A moving and enlightening exhibit that will resonate with visitors


One hundred years ago, amid the chaos of the Russian Civil War, multiple armies and bands of gangs swept Eastern Europe, killing as many as 300,000 Jews. Scholars today call these events “the forgotten holocaust” – a precursor to the greater tragedy just 20 years later.  Yet, this piece of history remains little known.

The Jewish Experience: Pogrom is the first-ever photographic and video exhibit, helping to bring these events to light. This traveling exhibit features 45 rare, archival photographs together with a five-minute, looping video overview of this time period. The photographs, from the rare book Jewish Pogroms 1918-1921 (Moscow, 1926), are displayed in illuminated kiosks and document the anti-Jewish violence in Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova. The video is comprised of material from the first-ever pogrom documentary My Dear Children.

This flexible exhibit can be arranged to suit your space, requires a minimum of 400 square feet, and is ready to ship. Note: The exhibit does contain images of violence and mild nudity.

To book this exhibit or for more information, please visit or email Diane Covert.


This riveting exhibit is a profound gift arisen from the nearly forgotten. The photographs are as important as they are shattering. They demand that we never forget; that in our grief we hold the humanity of lost lives as significant and meaningful as our own.

Lisa Fownes

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