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Screening Kit + Book

The My Dear Children Screening Kit is an easy-to-use, comprehensive resource that includes everything you’ll need for planning, promoting, and hosting a successful community screening. This package also includes a copy of Feiga Shamis' memior, Shalom Shalom – the inspiration for the film!


There are currently three licensing options:


  • Public libraries and K-12 schools: If you’re a librarian, teacher, administrator, or educator at one of these institutions, you should purchase the Public Library/K-12 license.
  • Non-profits & Businesses: If you’re showing the film to any kind of public or private gathering that’s not a school, library, or educational institution, you should purchase the Nonprofit/Business license.
  • Colleges and Universities: This license is for all higher education institutions, including public and private colleges, universities, community colleges, graduate schools, advanced degree programs, and medical education institutions.


An Extra Facility License works with any of the above licences to allow you to show the film at one additional facility. Please note, if you want to show the film at multiple facilities, you must purchase an Extra Facility License for each individual location.

Screening Kit + Book

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